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July 25, 2012 § 1 Comment



Travelling is an experience both for the ones who travel as well as for the land and the people living in there.

Trees thrive from the land, getting deep inside it with its roots. At the same time, they drop their organic matter back to the earth, nourishing it. Moreover, they purify the air upon the land the tree is in.

Well, travellers should take example of the trees. Travelling should be a thriving experience for the traveller, a nourishing experience to the land explored and a regenerating experience to the communities that inhabit the land.

With this aim The Walking Trees will tell you about travelling with pourpouse.


This is an OPENsource world!

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I have previously commented on OPEN Ideo, as a collaboration open to anyone project, used to solve massive challenges of our society.

I have recently discovered a couple of project that reinforce the idea that we live in a open world where we collaborate, for free, in order to develope something.

Luis von Ahn (by the way one of the fathers of the ‘Captcha’) has created Duolingo a project by which you help translating the web meanwhile learning a new language, as Luis explains here.

On the tech side I ‘ve just discovered Arduino via a talk by the amazing Massimo Banzi. A open source hardware and software, which can be used and modified to create interactive objects.

No doubt we are embracing our ‘bird flock’ side. As this group of birds, when they flight perfectly synchroned, we are realising the power a the collective soul.

My World Passport

June 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Southbank is celebrating the Festival of the World

I was very excited about how they have transformed the venue into a place to see how art, music, dance, poetry, etc… can change lives and communities. As well thay have dedicated a space into reconsidering the role of waste in our lifes and how gardenig, better than protesting, is an excellent statement against the society of scarcity

Lucy + Jorge Orta has created adn office in which you can obtain your World Passport. The Antartic Treaty (1995) signed by many countries set Antartica as common territory. With this idea of a new nation of humanity, in where everyone is no less than any capital and therofore able to move freely and across territory Lucy+Jorge has created this space of communality, represented by the Flag of the world. In there you can apply for your World Passport at Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau. In there, you can use a photo booth to take a picture and officialize your status of citizen of the world by obtaining your Passport of the World.

I now officially am a citizen of the World, and actually I’ve always been.

London Green Fair

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After a whole day around the London Green Fair last Saturday, I was very excited with all the creative, fisable, down to earth and sustainable ideas around the Regent’s Park.

One of the most important visit was Mark from Tourism Concern, an organisation for an ethical tourism, I explain to him the trip I am planing for the months ahead and we discuss why is important that tourism do thrive the communities (and obviously the land) they are visiting. Travelling is great for the traveller, and it should be great for the destinations as well. They publish the Ethical Travel Guide.

And talking about travels thanks to the Green Fair now I know where I am going to resource my all-natural-highly-effective anti-mosquito spray.

I have to mention one mazing design idea from Katchabilek, who designs amazing stuff with tires and inner tubes.

As I will be away travelling for a long time,  and I need to empty my place, I am going to take all the stuff I need to leave behind and take it to Stuff for Free, so you can all go there and pick it up!!


The Girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes. Where is she now?

May 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

I found this video few days ago about how this amazing child adressed the world more than 15 years ago.

Severn is now an enviromental activist, author and still a highly inspirational being. Well, I am not surprised as this wonderful (now)woman is the daughter of David Suzuki, founder of Suzuki Foundation, who I discovered through the documentary The 11th Hour, which one of my top tens humanitarian and enviromental documentaries.

Jean Paul Jaud did a documentary about her story called Severn, the voice of our children, which I am looking forward to watch!

OPEN IDEO collaboration for the good of society

April 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

I recently discovered this amazing platform IDEO have built called Open IDEO.

Basically anyone can register pretty quickly to it and be part of the conversation.

Open IDEO throws a problem every now and then. The users get engage in any or all of the phases that will lead to a solution to this problem: form inspiration to realization on can post anything and other users vote (applaud) to the best one. At the end, the best idea enters the ‘realisation phase’.

This is an amazing collaborative practise and a tool for the true digital revolution, a place to share ideas and creative solutions relevant to society.

Transport, Shit and Happiness

April 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Colors Magazine has opened the exhibition at the Design Museum ‘Happinness and other survival techniques’ a reflexion on how the world, depite the increasing wealth and the astonishing tech advances is a place in where suicide rates are increasing or where diorreha is the number one cause of children mortality.